Tech Support for Families

Parents & Students: If you need computer/tech support to access any of our teacher webpages or assignments you can contact Ms. Haley 541-494-6866 or Mrs. Cash 541-494-6844 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I receiving an error message to request access to the teacher's website?

A: Our websites are set to "invite only" to protect the confidentiality of our students and classrooms. All of our students have an email setup by our district and each student has been invited to their teacher's classroom webpage called a Google Site. We recommend any access to the teacher's webpage is done through the student email account. If there is a special circumstance that a parent needs access to the teacher page with the parent email, please contact the classroom teacher.

Some parent email accounts are not synced with Google and Google will not allow us to override that security setting. Parents can sync their personal email with Google through this link:

Q: Why can't my child access Zearn or Lexia Core 5 with our home computer or tablet?

A: Both of these digital programs have a few restrictions on what operating systems will work with either Zearn or Lexia Core 5. The links below will share what devices work (or don't work) if you are having problems.

Lexia Core 5:


Q: Are there any tutorials I can watch to help with digital programs and access?

A: Our district has set-up a tutorial page to help students and families. You can few those tutorials at