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TAG Identification


Central Point School District 6 identifies academically talented and intellectually gifted students through multiple modes and methods of data collection, utilizing culturally-responsive practices.  Research-based tools, instruments, and considerations equitably identify students from underrepresented populations including, but not limited to: students experiencing disabilities and students who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Our methods and practices minimize and seek to eliminate the effects of bias in assessment and identification practices.

Universal screening of all second grade students occurs in the Spring of each school year. All second grade students are assessed using a screening tool.  The top 15% of those second graders screened in each school are then invited, with parent permission, to be assessed with the entire Cognitive Assessment Test (CoGAT). The top 90% of this group would be considered for TAG identification. This assessment data using our local norms would be considered as well as qualitative data, such as:  teacher, parent, and student checklists, observational data, portfolios, classroom performance, etc. This body of evidence will assist the TAG Eligibility Team for identification.